What we get up to?

The focal point of Hartlepool Round Table is its regular meetings. We meet twice a month, on a Thursday evening and occasionally with a meal but usually with a drink.

Visitors and potential members will always be made particularly welcome as Round Table provides an ideal opportunity to establish new friendships by organising fellowship events. Take a look at the calendar of events to see what we are up to this year. Of course, you can contact us and come along to a meeting. Many of our members have joined Hartlepool Round Table this way. 

 What kind of activities are there?

  • Golf
  • 5 and 11 a-side football
  • Cycling 
  • Pool & Snooker
  • Fundraising

The sky is literally the limit when it comes to the numerous activities that Round Table members find to take part in:

  • Parachuting, gliding and flying 
  • Abseiling down tall buildings 
  • Driving tanks and go-karts 
  • Sailing, snorkelling and scuba diving

In fact, the only limit is your enthusiasm, so if there’s something that you’ve always wanted to do then Round Table is the ideal chance for you to have a go. That’s why our unofficial motto is: ‘We don’t just sit there’

What about social events and the family?

Social events and outings are a frequent and popular way of bringing Round Table members and their families together.  These are organised at both a local and national level and could be anything from family 5-a-side football, Go-Karting to Ten Pin Bowling, Quasar, Paint Ball, Sailing, Camping, Treasure Hunts, Quiz Nights …..the list is endless!

Sporting traditions of Round Table…           

Inter-club and regional sporting competitions play an important part in the Round Table calendar, with members taking part in many sports, from 5-a-side and 11-a-side football, squash and tennis to snooker and darts amongst the many competitions available.

Additionally there is the Annual Sporting Weekend which takes place each September at a different location. Hartlepool 102 have been strong contenders in recent years although it is as an Area (ours being North Yorkshire and South Durham) we compete. We currently boast the National Badminton Champions and the National Cross Country Champions.

The community?

The main aim of Round Table is FUN and meeting people from all walks of life, however, Round Table is also well known for organising novel fund-raising events which form an important part of its activities.

In particular at Hartlepool we organise and run Hartlepool’s only  Charity Beer Festival every year so far generating over £10,000 for local worthy causes.

Hartlepool Round Table has assisted many National Organisations such as Guide Dogs for the Blind, NSPCC, RNLI and the Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Appeal